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Southold presents a new and re-imagined version of the timeless classic…


The Nutcracker 

Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 2:00pm & 7:00pm

Sunday, December 9, 2018 at 2:00pm

***Tickets go on sale at MorrisCenter.org in September 2018***

A note from Calin Radulescu, Artistic Director: Our faculty, staff, volunteers, and board members eagerly anticipate the production of our NEW Nutcracker this year. Audiences can look forward to beautiful new sets, fantastical backdrops, improved costumes, new musical orchestration, and entirely new choreography. Our brand new Nutcracker will allow more students to be featured and I look forward to sparking new life into a well-loved classic ballet. Southold’s Nutcracker is the largest and the only full, unabridged Nutcracker production in the Michiana area. I sincerely hope you will bring all of your friends and family to be the first to experience Southold’s New Nutcracker!


The Nutcracker Story

Act I

The Stahlbaum house is aflutter with preparations for their annual holiday party. While Marie and her brother Fritz anxiously await the arrival of the guests, Uncle Drosselmeyer is putting the finishing touches on his dolls. The party finally begins with plenty of food, presents, dancing, and fun! The beloved Uncle Drosselmeyer arrives late and entertains the guests with a puppet show. He then presents Marie with a magnificent Nutcracker. The gift sparks sibling rivalry, and the nutcracker is broken. Drosselmeyer wraps the toy with a silk and promises a complete repair later. Marie and Fritz rejoin their friends for the remainder of the party, ending the evening in a festive gavotte with parents and children alike. As the party nears to an end, everyone prepares for their journey back home.

The Stahlbaums are ready for bed, but Marie asks her mom to allow her to sleep on the couch for the night, so she may be closer to her Nutcracker doll. Once she falls asleep, mice begin crawling with the stroke of midnight. The Mouse King appears, and he is ready to conquer the house with the mice army. Marie screams and her doll comes to life, protecting her from the intruders. A battle between the mice and soldier dolls ensues.

Both the Mouse King and the Nutcracker doll are hurt in battle. Drosselmeyer appears, transforming the Nutcracker doll into a protecting prince. Then, he takes Marie through the beautiful and magical Land of Snow.

Act II

Marie and her Nutcracker prince arrive in the Magical Kingdom where angels and guests from around the world greet them. The Nutcracker Prince tells everyone in the kingdom about their travels and mostly about the great fight against the Mouse King. He then takes Marie to the throne so she can enjoy the festivities prepared specially for her.

After dancing together with the flowers and her Nutcracker Prince, everything seems to slowly disappear in front of her eyes. She swirls around in confusion, dazed, and realizes that she is in her own living room. She finds her Nutcracker next to the tree, and lovingly holds it, wondering if her adventure was real or only just a dream…

Tickets will go on sale in September 2018.

For ticket information call 574-235-9190
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